Personal Hygiene Tips

Hygiene refers to a set of practices that you perform to preserve your personal health. You could also expand the meaning to include the conditions and practices that help you maintain your health and prevent you from catching and spreading diseases.

Hygiene practices are viewed as good habits in some societies, same goes for our country Nigeria, such that if you don’t observe them, you are viewed as being disgusting and disrespectful. Imagine you opening your unbrushed mouth in a corporate environment and all the flowers around suddenly go limp! Embarrassing right? Lol.

Seriously, puberty in girls and boys throws up a lot of changes in the bodies of all adolescents. Your hair and face and maybe your general skin starts to get oily causing pimples and acne, then you start to sweat profusely in places you didn’t pay attention to in the past, and you start to sniff around yourself for new odours that are less than nice, in fact your face and hair may sometimes feel like you dipped them in engine oil! Someone I know used to say, “a dredging company should be able to get enough oil on my face!”. Oh and the hair! You start to grow hair on certain parts of your body-sometimes you get the hair in cool places, sometimes you get them in the most unwanted places like the pubic area! Good Lord!

Well, growing up gives you no other option. It just happens. And all these changes you might think of as gross or uncomfortable are simply a necessary part of natural growth. Now let’s look at how to work with these changes on our way to becoming the coolest hunks and babes of our time!

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