Natural Family Planning



How effective are Natural Family Planning Methods?
How do I use Natural Family Planning Methods?
Advantages of using Natural Family Planning Methods:
Disadvantages of Natural Family Planning Methods:


Ovulation Calendar Method

If your menstrual cucle is between 26 and 23 days long, you can use this method to record your periods and determine when you can and cannot get pregnant.

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The 2-Day Cervical Mucus Method

Ready to check your mucus? The 2-day Cervical Mucus Methos is all about noting the difference in the consistency of appearance (as it concerns the thickness or thinness) of your cervical mucus on a daily basis.

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Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Method

You will take your temperature every morning before you get out of bed and write down on a fertility awareness chart to track when you ovulate.

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Breastfeeding as a Contraceptive

Breastfeeding can be used as a family planning method up to 6 months after having a baby. For this to work, you have to meet all three of the following criteria:

  • No menstrual bleeding since your baby was born.
  • You only breastfeed your baby (no other foods or liquids, including water, given).
  • You feed your baby at least every 4 hours the day and every 6 hours during the night.

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