Foster Care & Parenting

Foster care is a system in which a child/minor is placed into a duly certified and registered home (which could be government, mission or private owned). These homes are largely called “motherless babies homes” or “orphanages”. The caregivers are often referred to as "foster parents". The placement of the child is usually arranged through the government or social welfare office of the state.

Foster care provides safe and supportive homes for children when they are unable to live with their own families.  

In most cases, the aim of foster care is to reunite children with their own families – by reuniting them with their birth parents or through kinship care. In cases where this reunion is impossible, alternative permanent arrangements are often explored such as putting the child up for legal adoption. The timing of child care within foster homes can range from one night to several years. Indeed, some children in Nigeria are raised by foster parents from birth (often because they were abandoned) until they become married or employed and can sustain their livelihood by themselves.

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