Questions about Having Sex

However you define it, having a sexual relationship with someone is not just about pleasure. It takes responsibility! A lot of it! If your relationship is going to progress onto the sexual level, it should not happen by chance. Be sure that you are ready for it. Talk about it in great detail and be crystal clear with your partner about how you are going to protect yourselves against STDs and pregnancy that you do not want or that you are not prepared for.

Am I Ready for Sex

It is totaly your call. And it is perfectly sensible and natural to ask yourself that question because the responsibility of its outcome lies totally with you. You - and only you - get to decide when you are ready to have sex. 

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The First Time Having Sex: What Happen?

For ladies, having sex for the first time can be painful. It is also possible that you may experience very slight bleeding.

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Myths & Questions about Sex

Get your questions about sex answered, and see if what you know about sex is fact or myth!

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