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Planning for the future

I was afraid of getting her pregnant! Plain and simple. This was not because I didn’t love her, it was simply that that reality of our circumstance meant we could not afford to become parents yet.

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The Agony of Being Raped

I was 18 years old when I was raped by a close relative. Sometimes it is hard to believe there will come a time when I won’t relive the morning I was raped second by second. Initially it was hard to believe that I had been raped; I wish it was a dream I would wake up from.

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Pregnant at Last!

Oh No! That can’t be my period appearing again this month; a depressed and frustrated me vented out as John and I had unsuccessfully been trying to have a baby. After a year of trying to get pregnant, we took a trip to the clinic to talk to a fertility doctor. 

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My First Menstrual Period

I screamed out of confusion. Did I injure myself? When? Was it serious? No, this can’t be good! I cleaned up, got out and ran home. I remember being embarrassed as I told my mom, but she embraced me and explained the idea of menstruation and puberty to me. 

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My HIV test was positive

“Esther, your test came back positive for HIV”, said the nurse at the health centre. This can’t be happening, I thought! One simple mistake was going to cost me my world! I was HIV positive.

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