The Agony of Being Raped

I was 18 years old when I was raped by a close relative. Sometimes it is hard to believe there will come a time when I won’t relive the morning I was raped second by second. Initially it was hard to believe that I had been raped; I wish it was a dream I would wake up from. I tried to put it at the back of mind. I was scared that admitting I was raped would drown me in a sea of all kinds of emotions. I became withdrawn and cold, and felt ashamed.

After months of silence, I finally gained the courage to tell my mother what happened. She listened to me and held me tight. It was such a relief to share my story - speaking of the pain out loud helped it start to lessen.

I wouldn’t say I have fully recovered from being raped but I have learned to talk about it with people I trust, write about it in my journal, and am gradually taking control of my life back.

I share my story because I want people to know this actually happens to people like you and me. If rape happens to you or someone you know, remember that there is help available. Silence only helps the perpetrator and his act. It was not my fault I got raped and I do not have to blame myself. Our cries and voices should be heard by breaking the silence.

If you have been raped or are the victim of sexual violence or exploitation, you can learn more here:

You can also find help by contacting a health centre or the organization below: 

Women Against Rape, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Exploitation (WARSHE)


Call the Hotline: 80 3 407 8730

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