My First Menstrual Period

My first period was a surprising shock. I remember being at school and feeling a bit uncomfortable around my back and stomach. I was just 12 years old and I thought the ache in my back was due to sitting in a chair for too long. There was also a dull pain in my lower abdomen so I decided to use the restroom. As I sat on the toilet seat, my eyes went to my pants and I almost screamed!

I screamed out of confusion. Did I injure myself? When? Was it serious? No, this can’t be good!

I cleaned up, got out and ran home. I remember being embarrassed as I told my mom, but she embraced me and explained the idea of menstruation and puberty to me.  She taught and showed me how to be clean generally but especially during puberty, and told me that the pains in my stomach and pack were menstrual cramps, and could be relieved by taking some medicines.

At school the following day, I got to explain the changes that were already happening in my body to my friends without shame. I told them about growing breasts, pubic hair and the great idea of finally becoming a little woman. Some of my friends thought something was wrong with them because they had not started ‘showing the signs’ of puberty but I told them what mom said: “Puberty is a precious gift to every girl, however, we all get to open our packages at different times.”

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