My HIV Test was Positive

“Esther, your test came back positive for HIV”, said the nurse at the health centre. This can’t be happening, I thought! One simple mistake was going to cost me my world! I was HIV positive.

This wasn’t the first surprise. The first shocker came a few weeks earlier when my husband was diagnosed with the disease. We tried to use condoms every time we had sex, but sometimes we made a mistake and didn’t use one. I sort of knew that the risk was there. Gosh! I was scared. I wondered, is this how it will end for me? Is that bye-bye to all my dreams of success and having healthy children?

As I came back to reality from all the thoughts in my head, the counselor spoke to me gently and in a way that made me feel that the end had not come after all. She assured me that many people who were living with HIV still led full and healthy lives. That was a huge weight off my life! She told me not to blame myself. “There is treatment available for you and your husband”, she said. She also reassured me that there are ways I could have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a HIV negative baby.  

Have you had an HIV test recently? Find a Health Centre and get tested!