Pregnant at Last!

Oh No! That can’t be my period appearing again this month; a depressed and frustrated me vented out as John and I had unsuccessfully been trying to have a baby.

After a year of trying to get pregnant, we took a trip to the clinic to talk to a fertility doctor. John and I had several tests to diagnose if there was any problem with our fertility. We wondered what the problem could be since the test results came out clear.

The kind doctor told us that we were probably not having sex at the right time of the month. He suggested the first step is to figure out when I ovulate and the fertile days in my menstrual cycle. I calculated this by knowing that ovulation typically occurs 14 days into my menstrual cycle. Since my cycle is 28 days (day one is the first day of my period, and 27 days later I get my period again), I ovulate around day 14. John and I were to have sex around the fertile days - usually about 4 days before through 4 days after the day I ovulate.

When we left the hospital I got my calendar and tracked my menstrual cycle while marking the ovulation and fertile days. John and I got down to business during the fertile window period. A month passed by and I had all the premenstrual symptoms yet there was no sign of the RED flag. Could this be it??? I grabbed a pregnancy test strip and dipped it in the urine sample. In reality, I stared at the stick for 20 minutes (LOL) then I stumbled out of the bathroom where I screamed out loudly ‘‘I’M PREGNANTTTT’’.

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